Rising Lioness program is created to empower women through resources, education, motivation, inspiration, leadership, healthy and meaningful lifestyle, accountability, self development, partnership and business.

Rising Lioness Apparel on the other hand came to life as a solution to media's censorship of freedom of speech and exchange of information. It is also a creative tool to unite likeminded people, encourage critical thinking and for people to speak to others through their messages on their shirts.

It is the most non confrontational way of making a statement for everyone to see without having to say anything.

By taking a selfie with your t-shirt message you will be able to send a message to others without having to be censored by the spyware which identifies trigger words in your statuses and comments.

No one can censor your t-shirt message in real life, when you take a stroll to a local shop or gym, your neighbours will certainly see how you really feel and what you stand for.

By wearing a t-shirt message you have the power to communicate with anyone who passes you by. Imagine how powerful it will be when everyone starts to wear a t-shirt with a powerful message to show the world what they really think, what they really stand for, what they pray for and just how many of us are there who are like minded.

By wearing a t-shirt with a message you have the power to influence. It will without a doubt encourage critical thinking as social proof is really important aspect on how someone thinks, hence all the censorship across the internet.

By wearing a t-shirt with a message you are contributing to a better world. Meanwhile, protests and rallies are a great way to show the rest of the world that we stand for something, rallies are not always possible and so wearing a t-shirt with a message is a powerful way to actively protest all day every day wherever you go.

Be the walking billboard with a powerful messages.

Make it trendy to be courageous! Make it trendy to wear a t-shirt with an inspirational message!

Help us spread t-shirt messages with information and truth, help us raise awareness and project high vibrations and positive affirmations.

Our aim is to give you the tools to spread awareness, information, truth, support, manifestations, prayers, affirmations and projections through t shirt messages which CAN NOT be censored in real life. T shirt messages are a tools to plant beautiful seeds everywhere you go and stimulate critical thinking of others.

Make it trendy to do good, every time, everywhere!

Be that change you wanna see in the world.

Get that shirt! And then honour it and stand by what you wear.

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